Step By Step Gold IRA Rollover Guide

gold ira rolloverIf you’re thinking of having silver or gold IRA rollover or starting a new Gold IRA account you have come to the right place. After helping other people like you to not only have a successful rollover, but also how to chose the best Gold IRA company, your satisfaction is our priority.

Why Gold?

Below you will find a complete guide that will give you detailed information on how the gold IRA and gold IRA rollover works and how to get the most of your retirement today.

(Step 1) What Is A Gold IRA and Gold IRA Rollover?

A Gold IRA is just an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) in which psychical gold is stored instead of paper currency or assets. You can either start a new IRA account or have a rollover.

Rollover is a simple process of moving your funds from a retirement account into a Gold IRA. Depending on your retirement you can rollover your 401k, 403b, 457 or an existing IRA account into gold. Which gives you a broader choice of investments and can safeguards your retirement as well as savings from a economical changes.

(Step 2) Transferring Your Funds

Whille some companies make the process intimidating it comes down to moving your retirement or savings into a self-directed IRA following this steps.

  1. Choose an Gold IRA – This can be a rollover, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Spousal IRA, SEP IRA.
  2. Transfer The Funds – You can do this yourself, but a good Gold IRA will not only guide you through the process but also help you out with the custodian if you’re having problems withdrawing.

(Step 3) Account Management

Once transfer of the fund is complete you have options how to manage your account. This includes the choice of precious metals, we recommend Gold or Silver but Platinum and Palladium are getting popular.

Once again it depends on the company you choose, and what they are offering. We find out the there is only one Gold IRA company that meets our all requirement.

Choosing The Right Gold IRA Company

gold ira rolloverAfter you’ve decided to either have a Gold IRA rollover or start a new Gold IRA the most important part is choosing a right company. It’s important to find a company that reliable, trustworthy and client oriented.

This means a one that will not only explain the process in full detail, but also help you on a personal level to choose the best plan that works for you. After all, custodian priority should be your satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid to ask the thought questions when you are dealing with a Gold IRA custodian. These companies should inform  and help you rather than intimidated and overwhelming.

That is why you should as touch on the following topics when dealing with any Gold IRA Company.

  • Check Their Credibility - Make sure the company is both legit and practices good business by checking their BBB and BCA scores.  Another important part is TrustLink rating where regular people rate and comment about the company
  • Fees - Not all fees will be the same. Some compnies charger based on precetnage while other have a flat fee. this is important depanding on how much you are going to invest.
  • Services – Ask about delivery time and accessibility. After all, time is money.
  • Storage -You want to make sure your gold or other precious metals are stored safely.
  • Customer Service – Last but not least is to make a mental note on the representatives you speak to from each company. Are they informative, knowledgeable and experienced? Are they helpful, but not pushy? Make sure you select a company that you’re comfortable with.

Our Top Recommend Company Is Regal Assets

regal assets gold IraAfter reviewing the top Gold IRA companies Regal Assets comes out as a clear winner.  It is the only company that has a BBB rating of A+, BCA of AAA, 5 Star TrustLink and no complaints in the last year. Now only that but they offer a low flat fee, and no fee for the first year.

But what also stood out for us about Regal Assets is their commitment of putting the client first. It’s one of those companies that really cares about 100% sanctification and will work with you to meet that guarantee.

If you’re interested in speaking with a Regal Assets representative to learn more please call 1.855.676.7436 or Click Here for the official website. Give them a call today and stop worrying about your retirement and start enjoying life.

This concludes the guide to a Gold IRA and Gold IRA Rollover

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